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Childcare Solutions: Does My Childcare Provider Need a License?

Leave your child in capable hands! Click here to learn about childcare solutions and appropriate childcare provider licensing. Early Childhood Education is safer and better provided for when provided by a licensed and qualified childcare provider. Over 55% of children in Texas under six years old attend childcare, setting the style for the rest of...

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Should I Hire a Nanny or an Outside Childcare Provider?

Are you wondering whether to hire a nanny or an outside childcare provider for your child? Click here for the answers! In the US, 62% of children younger than kindergarten attend daycare while 20% are cared for by a non-relative.  You work hard for your family and you want your children to have the best possible care....

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Should I Hire an In Home Daycare or Daycare Center?

Are you wondering whether in home daycare or a daycare center will be best for your child? Click here for the pros and cons. Few services in the world provide as much value for people as daycare. Maybe that is why the industry for daycare in the United States alone is worth more than $54 billion every...

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How to Choose a Childcare Provider You Can Trust

Are you wondering how to choose a trustworthy childcare provider? Click here for a simple guide with the answers for you. Studies have shown that 58% of working parents rely on some form of childcare. When a parent must go to work each day to provide financial stability for the family, they have no choice but to...

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4 Ways to Find the Best Childcare In Your Area

Are you wondering how to find the best childcare for your children? Click here for a simple guide with everything you need to know! Parents spend $8,355 per child each year on childcare, making it essential to find the best childcare possible. Finding the best childcare depends on several things, including where you live. As parents, you...

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How to Find the Best Daycare

Whether you're ready to head back to the workforce, or you're ready for your little one to learn new skills and make friends, you'll want to know how to find the best daycare. Here are different factors you need to take into consideration when you're looking for the best daycare. What Is Childcare/Daycare? Childcare and...

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